Zur Geschichte des Mac OS X

In Erwartung weniger fensterlastiger Zeiten eine kleine Liste zur Geschichte des Mac OS X, das sein Leben als NeXTStep begann und, mh, inzwischen quasi volljährig ist:

  • A Brief History of Mac OS X
    It would be an understatement to say that OS X is derived from NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP. In many respects, it’s not just similar, it’s the same. One can think of it as OpenStep 5 or 6, say. This is not a bad thing at all – rather than create an operating system from scratch, Apple tried to do the smart thing, and used what they already had to a great extent.
  • Architecture of Mac OS X
    Apple has leveraged a lot of existing open source software by integrating it well (usually) with their system: apache, bind, binutils, cvs, gcc, gdb, gimp_print, kerberos, mysql, openssh, openssl, pam, perl, postfix, ppp, python, rsync, samba, and many more BSD/GNU/other packages … are all part of Darwin.