Anybody Using This First Amendment?

Wieder mal gepflegt kotzen? Klicken Sie diesen Link: Anybody Using This First Amendment? — Greg Palast interviewed by Eric Bosse for AlterNet

„Now, you’re not supposed to ask about Venezuela. You’ve already made a mistake. With the USA Patriot Act, you’re not supposed to look at anything but Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, which is the Weapon of Mass Distraction.“ […]

I can’t tell you to how many reporters I’ve said, „Where do you get this stuff?“ And they say, „Well, it was in a State Department press release,“ as if that’s an acceptable source.[…]

As I say, Bob Woodward, editor of the Washington Post, would never run the Watergate story today. […]

Es gibt ja das Sprichwort, dass man nicht mit einer Verschwörung erklären soll, was sich durch Dummheit erklären läßt. Streiche Dummheit, setze Gier.

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