Der Euro — Fessel der Politik

Es wird uns ja bei jeder Gelegenheit erklärt, wie sehr unsere Politiker den €uro gefährden. Wie sehr der Euro die Politik gefährdet, hört man seltener:

Known in Europe as „Father of the Euro“ in the USA [Bob Mundell] is known for another conception, „supply-side economics“ or „Reaganomics“. […] but as Mundell told me bluntly, the euro serves a greater political agenda: „It puts monetary policy out of the reach of politicans [and this] forces fiscal discipline on the politicans as well.“[…] Lacking the ability to cut interest rates or increase spending during a recession, nations will have no means of adding new jobs but by begging for corporate investment through a dog-eat-dog competition to reduce taxes and eliminate rules.
Greg Palast, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, p.313

Kommt das noch irgendjemand bekannt vor?