Switch: Linux => Windows XP

Der Autor dieses Erfahrungsberichts seiner Migration von Linux nach Windows XP hat eindeutig zu viele Artikel gelesen, in denen professionelle Journalisten ihre Mühen beim Umstieg von Windows nach Linux kolportierten. Er trifft den Tonfall dieser Typen perfekt.

Windows rapidly approaching desktop usability Yes, Firefox, the Thunderbird email suite, GAIM, GIMP, and many other well-regarded open source programs are now available for Windows XP, but each must be downloaded and installed individually. They are not included in the base Windows XP install. This makes no sense. If you pay more for Windows XP than for a typical Linux distribution, shouldn’t it come with the same — or better — software on its installation CD?

[…] For the moment, though, I advise sticking with Linux unless you have software requirements that can only be met by using the Windows XP operating system, and if you must use Windows XP you should try to get a computer that has it preinstalled rather installing it yourself — unless you are a hard-core techie/nerd instead of an ordinary user.

Und womit? Mit Recht!

[via vowe.net]