Was macht eigentlich …

Aus heiterem Himmel fragte ich mich gestern, was wohl Kristiane Backer heute so macht. Immerhin war sie beim Start von MTV Deutschland dabei – damals ein sehr wichtiger Sender für mich. Hinweis an jüngere Zuschauer: Früher kamen in erster Linie Musikvideos auf MTV.

Kristiane Backer

Kristiane BackerMy activities in the field of natural health are continuing. I love practicing and helping people achieving vibrant health with natural ways and I aim to do more media work in this direction as well because I can’t help myself but wanting to share what I am enthusiastic about.[…]
In private I live as natural and green as possible – I eat wholesome and organic when I can to ensure optimum nutrition, I practice yoga and do other sports, spend as much time in nature as possible and generally try to have a balance between mind body and spirit, which is a challenge living in a busy city and of course I enjoy some of what London has to offer – special concerts, theatre performances art shows, lectures etc.

[Quelle: Kristiane Backer’s official website]