Naturschutz hat ohne Karte schlechte Karten

Mir wird schon wieder schlecht: Weil eine Karte aus den 1970ern „verloren“ gegangen ist, schrumpft plötzlich ein Naturschutzgebiet – womit man nun hier endlich bohren darf! Schreibt fortboise.

A crucial map of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge „vanishes“ and gee, all of a sudden tens of thousands of acres are easier to open for energy development. Do you think someone took this intentionally?
Yes, I do, and I don’t need to put on a tinfoil hat to think that way.

Aus der New York Times:

Arctic Map Vanishes, and Oil Area Expands

The wall-size 1:250,000-scale map delineated the tundra in the biggest national land-use controversy of the last quarter-century, an area that environmentalists call America’s Serengeti and that oil enthusiasts see as America’s Oman.
The map had been stored behind a filing cabinet in a locked room in Arlington, Va. Late in 2002, it was there. In early 2003, it disappeared. There are just a few reflection-flecked photographs to remember it by.