"Terror" in UK: Zu Fuß gehen, /.. an URLs anhängen

Wieder mal eine Seite zum Kotzen. Nicht, was den Autor Alec Muffet angeht, sondern die Geschichten, die er aufschreibt:

Two wheels: good. Two legs: terrorist suspect

WITH her year-round tan, long blonde hair and designer clothes, Sally Cameron does not look like a threat to national security.
But the 34-year-old property developer has joined the ranks of Britain’s most unlikely terrorist suspects after being held for hours for trespassing on a cycle path.

‚Regrettable‘ conviction under Computer Misuse Act

The first test he used was the (dot dot slash, 3 times) „../../../“ sequence. The „../“ command is called a Directory Traversal which allows you to move up the hierarchy of a file. The triple sequence amounts to a DTA (Directory Traversal Attack), allowing you to move three times. It is not a complete attack as that would require a further command. It was merely a light „knock on the door“. The other test, which constituted an apostrophe (‚) was also used. He received no error messages in response to his query, so he was then satisfied that the site was safe. He returned to his regular duties, and forgot the matter.