RIAA, MPAA vs. Saddam H.

Endlich mal ein paar völlig unstrittige Anklagepunkte gegen den Ex-Diktator:

Americans Finally Uncover Saddam’s Hidden WMVs

Rumsfeld said, „Evidence clearly shows Hussein’s deep personal involvement in p2p file sharing: We have the bootleg copies of ‚Scarface‘ and ‚Earth Girls are Easy‘ to prove it. It turns out that Saddam was also a huge fan of ‚Xena: Warrior Princess.‘ He even posted to popular Xena message boards as ‚BaathingXena‘. Now we can expand the scope of Saddam’s tribunal to include the added cost average Iraqis face in procuring their favorite Hollywood entertainment in the face of the Baath Party’s blatant disregard for laws of international copyright.“