Where Did Firefox Come From?

Ben Goddger, leitender Entwickler des Web-Browsers Firefox, stellt ausführlich dar, wie er mit Mozilla in Kontakt kam, was er bei Mozilla alles gemacht hat, warum es mit Mozilla so lange gedauert hat, und wie schließlich mit Firefox alles ein gutes Ende nahm.

Where Did Firefox Come From?

The story of Mozilla is long and rich in detail. There are many perspectives. This is mine.

Die Zeit nach der Freigabe des Netscape-Codes war geprägt durch die Parallelwelten der Netscape- und Mozilla-Entwickler.

Compounding this dysfunction, at the time the project was being developed by over a hundred engineers in different, sometimes poorly connected departments within CPD. Netscape had grown rapidly in previous years, and with an uneven hiring bar engineers with abilities that would suggest they needed more assistance from others had far too much autonomy in feature design and implementation. User experience assistance was sparse, and as a result the application quickly bloated.

Nachdem seine Initiativen für besseren Code, einen kontrollierteren Entwicklungsprozess und eine konsistentere Benutzeroberfläche im Sande verlaufen waren, hätte Ben fast aufgegeben. Dann aber kam die Chance mit Firefox.

Firefox was different. After 0.6 I laid out a plan for reaching 1.0. After a few cuts and sanity checks, a year and a half of engineering work by a motivated core of engineers on the front end and the continuing development of Gecko beneath, Firefox 1.0 shipped.