Realworld Studio Tour

Rundgänge durch den (Maschinen-) Park der Realworld Studios von Peter Gabriel, bisher drei Teile:

  1. Peter’s Writing Room studio, one of several at his fabulous Real World Studios in Box, UK has been set up to allow Peter to work the way he wants, when he wants. Dicky Chappell is our guide as we take a look inside…
  2. In this second installment from our visit to Peter Gabriel’s Real Worls Studio complex, we talk more with Dicky Chappell, Peter’s right-hand mand in the studio about instruments, technology, archiving and more.
  3. In our third installment from our enjoyable visit to Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, Dicky Chappell’s studio assistant Matt takes us on a tour of the complex. We get a look at the cavernous Big Room, the recording spaces, including the live room featuring a stream running underneath the glass floor and the wonderful loft space.

Mal eine Home Story, für die ich mich erwärmen kann.