Which is the right way? Integrating iPhoto+Flickr+Posterous

After messing around with Posterous, Flickr and iPhoto for some time now, I still can’t figure out the One True Way of integrating them. Problem is, there are too many integration options (not too few). iPhoto ’09 will upload any selected photos to Flickr and put them in a set. You can rename the set, add and remove photos from that set’s entry in the iPhoto view and it gets sync’ed up to Flickr in no time. So, one route is to use iPhoto to upload to Flickr and then write a blog post about it, using a Flickr-provided link boilerplate. But …

The alternative route is to write the blog post in the mail client, attach the pictures to the mail, address that to Posterous and be done with it. Posterous will create a nice thumbnail viewer and gallery from the photos and place that with the new post on the blog. Which is definitly more attractive (to me) than just one teaser photo that links to the Flickr set. Posterous will even sync the photos over to Flickr. But it lacks the iPhoto integration: iPhoto will never know about the photos being on Flickr.

I guess what I need is another link magic from Posterous. If my post contains a Flickr set-URL, create that fine thumbnail/gallery-viewer for the photos on flickr and embed the viewer into the blog post in the place where originally the set-link appeared in the posting. Me thinks, me’s gonna suggest this to the Posterous folks. They seem nice enough :)

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