Tori Amos: Karriererückblick mit Orchester?

Nachtrag zum Eintrag von gestern: In diesem Interview deutet Tori an, dass zum 20jährigen Jubiläum ihres Durchbruch-Albums “Little Earthquakes” wohl ein Karriererückblick in einer Orchesterfassung dargeboten wird.

I can’t believe your album Little Earthquakes will have its 20th anniversary next year.

TA: Crazy, huh?

Are you doing anything special for it?

TA: Actually I am.  I recorded recently with the Metropolitan Dutch Orchestra. The whole twenty years have been rearranged for them. They are a 54-piece orchestra. That was really fun singing songs from the records all together with a full orchestral approach.

via Tori Amos – Nunn on the Run.