Master of the Re-Release

Mr. Peter Gabriel just re-releases his [Still] Growing Up [Unwrapped] package in DVD and in whatever format came after the DVD.  That, after re-releasing his most recent three studio albums (that would span „So“ from 1986, „Us“ from 1992 and „Up“ from 2002) as „half-speed“ Vinyl. That, after re-releasing his first four studio albums as „half-speed“ mastered Vinyl.That, after re-releasing his hit album „So“ for its 25th anniversary, which was released after he re-released all his studio albums remastered on CD …

That’s a whole lot of re-selling material that every half-hard core fan already has thrice in his collection. Of course, fans like me dream of new material for Pete’s sake!

Track List of the Future

Peter long ago and since then repeatedly mentioned doing another album. (Yes, on the Growing Up tour he declared „Animal Nation“ to be from the next album.) Here’s a list of what came out in the meantime, and once you look at it, there’s enough good stuff for a proper release. But the master needs to tinker some more, I believe.

  • Sagrada (from „So“ era)
  • Animal Nation
  • White Ashes (with lyrics, originally from „Ovo“)
  • Wild (I’d guess „Ovo“ era, cousin to the „Tower that Ate People“)
  • Baby Man
  • Daddy Long Legs (showcased on „Back to Front Live“)
  • Why Don’t You Show Yourself (showcased on „Back to Front Live“)
  • I’m Amazing (though this track to me seems to be at least two songs mixed into one; needs a producer to clean up)
  • Love can Heal (presented at a „Rock Paper Scissors“ concert with Sting, a relative to „Mercy Street“ with some cello in it)

You see, there’s enough to fill an album. Seems Peter needs someone to prick him to finish all those songs and finally, well, you know, release 'em.