Nick Cave beantwortet Fan-Post

Entschuldigung, bitte, wo gibt es sowas denn noch? Nick Cave, von Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds &c. beantwortet auf seiner Website Fragen von seinen Fans. Und wie nett er das macht. Respect!

Hier zum Umgang mit Trauer:

Eventually, your aunt will come back to you. It may be soon, or it may take some time. This feat will be achieved through astonishing courage and will most likely be tentative and gradual. She will look around to see who is there. Some may have drifted away, the reach of their compassion unable to match the magnitude of your aunt’s despair, but let me just say this—those who persisted, she will never forget, for to remain steadfast on the borders of another’s grief may be the greatest, most holy act of love one can perform. Be patient with Aunt Marnie.

I’m writing to you on behalf of my Aunt Marnie as she can’t. She’s consumed by grief.

Manchmal sind auch die Fans die Poeten:

I now have two young sons Max and Joey. They enjoy listening to your music, they dance around the living room. Joey is an emotional lightning rod who feels the world more intensely than anyone I have ever met. Little Max cannot speak yet, but he sings, and when he smiles you can see clear through into his soul. One day when they are old enough to really understand, I will tell them that you came from here. I will tell them that they can aspire to be more than a person from a place, and maybe they will not end up like their father.

Dear Mr Cave, Do you ever suffer from self-doubt?

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